Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Memory check

Story goes Drake Boys and Collingwood boys were not on the Flegerdeich in 1953.
I arrived first term Jan 1953 Direct to Collingwood Boys Drake opposite end Frobisher in between -the dining rooms and junior girls above.
Drake ' this time had  Mike Biggs School Captain /Jackie Moore / Terry Neylands as the Prefects
Pete McLeay /Tom Fisher / Ian grant in the RED House.Master of House Mr Roy Monger.
Has my memory saved me or is this ONE of my Few ERRORS  -
January 53 was the first term these boys houses located on the Deich !! Alex G Briggs 53 -55

Missed the rodents

Need volume up.

Drake style all - in wrestling ?

One of the little known nocturnal activities  on the Fliegerdeich which usually took place just before 'lights out' which on one occasion resulted in six of us being caned by Kevin Callan. Memories, memories......




Spot the Squiz!!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Yorkshire does it again

Wembley Stadium
Goalkeeper Adam Nicklin was the hero as North Ferriby United came back from two goals down to beat Wrexham on penalties and win the FA Trophy.

The way we were VII

I thought it not prudent to add a caption to this one as it was taken after dark with a flash. Although Dylan Thomas comes to mind as in: 'The boys are dreaming wicked or of the bucking ranches of the night....'

Saturday, March 28, 2015

News letter

News Letter finally arrives in a wet and windy East Yorkshire. Worth the wait but new postie has much to learn.

Friday, March 27, 2015

I managed to  avoid these fine young men by leaving!

Bonteheim from Fliegerdeich

Thursday, March 26, 2015

PRS house colours

Dear All 

could someone confirm to me the house colours and who they belong too..
I know red was Collingwood :)

Know green...but which shade, know blue ..... but which blue and I know yellow...think bright is best!

Sue x


Having just read the latest newsletter I feel "ducked out". Far too many Drakes!!
 Well done Paul
 Howe Now!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Same location - different cast

Two 3rd form Drake lads on a weekend  deich walk (1958). Note the natty civvies. Yours truly & I think my companion is Emilio McMahon? As a seaside location it really  was quite grim.

The way we were VI - bunker busters

Years after leaving PRS  I met someone who was part of the original British Navy contingent who took over the port after the war. He told me that bombing had had little impact on the military installations and that the destroyed bunkers were the result of Canadian engineers using explosives and hydraulic pressure.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

' 5 T ' Boys meet again

Myself , Peter Diechmann ( Rees) & Nick Siminson ( Rodney) meeting again 54 years on at a reception in Wilhelmshaven Rathaus, in July 2014, staged by the City in  honour of the visit of some 26 ex-pupils. Pete still lives in Wilhelmshaven & Nick lives in Cuxhaven & works for Airbus

 Photo courtesy of Bob Innes (Drake)  (not one of Tom Bernardes' boys)!

a woman of our time...

...Jackie Trent...born Yvonne Burgess...
...6 September 1940 – 21 March 2015...

Where we were ( acknowledgements to D)

The Fliegerdeich buildings in July 2014. Drake boys  on the right & Frobisher ( junior girls house) centre, and just visible beyond is Collingwood boys.These buildings & the sick bay on main site are all that's left of PRS. Oh, nearly forgot, the siding in Ems Strasse where the trains pulled in, is also still there !

Unlike some, I enjoy going back,but I can't explain why - either to myself or others.Perhaps I need to go & see the shrink?

The start of the Thailand space program...the world's biggest Catherine Wheel !!

Please do not try this in Leeds! Remember the fire alarms!


Saturday, March 21, 2015

This Sceptered Isle

They say you should never go back, but as my good wife had never been to the old spa town I cast perceived wisdom to the wind. You can always tell when you are north of the M62 as total strangers wish you good morning and even stop and talk. But having said that much of Harrogate was unrecognisable. Fifty-odd years is a long time. Certainly the place seemed a lot more cosmopolitan now. There were only rare glances to be had of the bien pensant  country set. In fact the place seemed  full of oftcumdens.

The weather was grey which was at odds with my memory as back then the sun always seemed to shine. But at least there were flowers. Harrogate was never short of flowers.

Then at last I found somewhere I recognised although now the bar was smoke free. It didn't seem the same. But the beer was till much better than down south.

There was still plenty of evidence that the town had hosted the Tour de France. Back in the day the only cycles I can remember had a basket on the front and three speed Sturmey Archer gears.

Then my better half spotted an emporium that once filled me with dread. A place my mother could never get me to enter, even with proverbial wild horses. I must have mellowed over the years as I entered as meekly as a lamb.

I even sat and absorbed the gentility of it all.


Later 'her in doors' found a street full of shops selling women's fripperies at astronomical prices. Once more I acquiesced, but this time I preferred to wait outside. The prices people charge for women's frocks these days makes my head spin.

Then I spotted somewhere I did recognise. The last time I had stood outside I had a winsome young lady on my arm. In response to her admiring glances at a tray of rings, I responded in the traditional Yorkshire manner. 'Tha must think I'm made o' brass.' I recall her disappointment now with some chagrin. Last I heard she was living in Otley with a husband called Gladys. I shudder to think that I might have been instrumental in helping her acquire a left-hand thread. They say you should never go back.

Them - Gloria ('66)

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Still waiting for Spring

The Peak District from Axe Edge.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


R.I.P Sir Terry... Ankh-Morpork will not be the same.

Now that's what I call getting stuck in Jeremy

I was once called before a Select Committee chaired by Margaret Hodge and have to say she's a national treasure. A politician who says things as they are...

The way we were V

This one played out like a Greek tragedy, something I still regret. We were the first monitors of our year in Drake. Twenty-fours later it was all over. We'd been busted back to the ranks. It all began because of my untidiness.
 One redeeming solace was back then the powers that be had a sense of proportion and the ability to apply common-sense. Do you remember when people used their discretion to ensure the punishment fitted the crime, or at least justice and fairness was seen to be done? Of course 'political correctness' did away with that. Now responses to most things are invariably draconian. Everyone now spends their life fuelled with righteous indignation looking to be slighted, ignoring the foibles and frailties of human nature Somebody must be to blame and people need 'closure.' When things are 'inappropriate' -which has to be the most weasel word ever and people have been 'disrespected' it now seems a signal for everyone to froth at the mouth.
Of course now I'm, talking about motoring correspondents. I disagree with ninety percent of the things the man stands for, although I defend his right to say them. He is however a throwback to the days when this nation stood tall in the eyes of the world. Sadly he doesn't suffer fools and I imagine certain broadcasting organisations are stuffed to the gunnels with risk averse politically correct idiots. If guilty, like footballers he should be fined so it hurts, made to apologise and suspended for three months and then allowed to get on with reminding us what made this nation great. At least on this occasion he didn't take a swipe at someone from the transgendered community.
One sad thing that comes out of this storm in a tea-cup is that it overshadowed the real brawl of the week when my favourite politician got stuck into the bankers. Now if that's on YouTube do watch it. It makes you proud to be British.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Decided to try a short video, just to show you what we are still dealing with.  Took this yesterday, early evening.  Hope it comes out, if not please DELETE it, Paul!!

Monday, March 09, 2015

I never go north of the border!

How did you propose???

The way we were III

Three more missing links. Don't ask for the nicknames!

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Brian 'Charlie ' Arthur

Another shot featuring 'Charlie' Arthur. Also starring Bob Innes, Ian Stewart & David Howells, but who is the guy on the extreme right? ( taken prior to a CCF exercise at Jever)

Grandpa Freddie Is Pooped

Parker meets Apollo,nearly 9 which is old for A bernese.
Lake Michigan a couple of weeks ago,I think completely frozen over.
Jace all ready showing good dress sense.
Been a long winter helping out with the little gangsters,though lucky to be able to and only an hour away.

The way we were II

This one's for Jim!

Saturday, March 07, 2015

happy birthday...

...'tis now officially the eighth of March in Melbourne!...

Yes, The way we were

Gibraltar, 1962

The way we were

Today Elvis impersonators are ten a penny. Rarely do we get a chance to see one of the originals.