Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Sue

Riding the waves...  who wants to surf the net when you can surf the waves

Happy B'Day Sue from 'The Great White North'

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Keeping the Italian adventure to the fore

Still raining in East Yorkshire

The 2nd (168 yd par 3) this moaning at 0945 ish! we only managed 5 holes. The bunker in 2ft deep, the green is to the left of the pond. managed a couple of hours in the 19th! There is supposed to be a drought here!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Old Family Stuff

   Okay when you get the roof done build a deck. 
 Hey Mum we killed the dog now we are going to burn Gran.

Ground under repair

Just to let you golfers in warmer climates what we have to endure in East Yorkshire! This is my free drop from the waterlogged greenside bunker at the 16th (could have been any bunker actually) - Yes Fred, I did get it near the pin!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An Educational film

Not sure how much this garage charges!

They say money never sleeps in Hong Kong

I think I spotted Saruman at the top of this one last night.

A 'roundeye' a long way from home

As an indifferent and uniformed traveller I have been intrigued to discover Hong Kong has a Times Square, with a glitz and bustle designed to rival its more famous namesake in NYC. Within Hong Kong’s glass and concrete skyscraping edifice it is hard to image a more unstinting tribute to the contemporary religion of retail therapy. In its inner sanctum every brand image worth the name is represented. Their presence almost like an obligatory badge of honour. All the names that the insanely rich and the impecuniously stupid find it necessary to adorn their bodies, clothes and possessions with before they venture out into daylight can be found here. Watches that cost more than most people earn in a lifetime and handbags standing at more than a month’s wages. The religious metaphor is fitting and like most beliefs the rituals and practices rarely seem to inculcate little in the way of overt joy. Resting my weary feet in Starbucks (only four floors up) there was not one other communicant displaying any expression that suggested pleasure in acquiring their expensive new acquisitions in their lurid designer bags designed to show the world they had joined the glitteratti.

 Apart from my wife and I everyone else was gazing expressionlessly at i-phones, i-pads or for those lesser mortals android look-a-likes. They were examining these icons as though seeking inner peace or solace. Nobody was talking into their phones, just occasionally swiping the screens with a languid thumb. Then it struck me how incredibly lonely they all looked. Behind me a young American was gazing at his Facebook page. Perhaps hoping that his ‘friends’ may top six figures while he watched? For someone from a different generation it struck me how little ‘fun’ communication is today. To my left a couple finished their coffees and got up and left. The fact that they left together was my first indication they were a couple. Prior to that they had sat several feet apart, gazing somberly at their phones hoping perhaps that this way they may acquire more new friends. There was no physical or even verbal contact. No holding hands, let alone experiencing the indefinable joy of touching knees under the table. No eye contact! It all seemed desperately sad. But what do I know? I’m not only a cynic and iconoclast, but someone from another generation. In fact I might as well be from outer space.

 A dig in the ribs from my wife and my rest was over and my concrete pounding penance was set to begin all over again. Perhaps I have sinned more than most?

 (If readers think me to be overly cynical, I was delighted to be afforded the privilege to photograph freely in Hong Kong. The last time I attempted to take a photograph in a ‘shopping mall’ in the UK I was pounced on by four burly men with walkie talkies who told me I was committing an illegal act and the next time I did it I would be arrested and my camera confiscated.)

Monday, April 23, 2012


                       YellowDivision [Standings]

Status Team GP Wins Losses Ties OTL GF GA WIN% Points GB Diff
1 Cosmos 14 13 0 1 0 56 4 96.43 40 0.0 52
2 Victorious Secret 14 10 2 2 0 31 10 78.57 32 2.67 21
3 Bitches On Pitches 14 9 1 4 0 44 23 78.57 31 3.0 21
4 Strikerz 14 9 3 2 0 37 17 71.43 29 3.67 20
5 Peaches 14 9 3 2 0 31 18 71.43 29 3.67 13
6 Tequila 14 8 2 4 0 28 18 71.43 28 4.0 10
7 Kinda A Big Deal 14 9 4 1 0 36 14 67.86 28 4.0 22
8 Slices 14 9 4 1 0 25 21 67.86 28 4.0 4
9 Chickittas 14 7 4 3 0 29 18 60.71 24 5.33 11
10 Spitfires 14 7 5 2 0 29 19 57.14 23 5.67 10
11 Chicks Got Kicks 14 6 4 4 0 22 13 57.14 22 6.0 9
12 Hot Flashes 14 5 6 3 0 27 30 46.43 18 7.33 -3
13 Bad Girls 14 5 8 1 0 24 29 39.29 16 8.0 -5
14 Young and the Restless 14 5 8 1 0 16 40 39.29 16 8.0 -24
15 Balls and Dolls 14 4 8 2 0 19 36 35.71 14 8.67 -17
16 Chickoritas 14 4 8 2 0 19 39 35.71 14 8.67 -20
17 Hockey Moms 14 4 10 0 0 15 33 28.57 12 9.33 -18
18 Kick Tease 14 3 9 2 0 20 37 28.57 11 9.67 -17
19 Brownies 14 3 10 1 0 19 30 25.0 10 10.0 -11
20 TakeN Shots 14 2 10 2 0 16 37 21.43 8 10.67 -21
21 Firekickers 14 1 11 2 0 8 24 14.29 5 11.67 -16
22 Jersey Scores 14 1 13 0 0 10 51 7.14 3

the bard with the beard...

...happy birthday, Mr. Shakespeare...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I may be pig ignorant.....

....but New Zealand gets overcrowded at times..Currently in Hong Kong trying to cope with a new Blog format in Chinese!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

PRS Girls Go for a Walk in the Woods

It was a long walk....

Giant Oak is still there

Ahhhh pretty Primroses, same time and wood

Sherry and I - you can see the Bluebells just starting here

Wood Anemone - bit blurry need to practice close shots

Sherry in the wood - no Bluebells

Bye Sherry see you soon :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

For those of you who have been waiting for the sheep..

This photo is not for viewing in Wales.

Banter Zee dive map

Deep, but too cold for me to dive there...
The locks would have mitigated against tidal effect, but at some point the causeway was built to prevent its use anyway.


Hi all

Does anyone have any knowledge of what the approx depth of Banter Zee was in 1945 and was it affected by tide?

Researching foto in last Newsletter re raising wreckage.

Hope you are all well

Saw one of my black cousins yesterday!



Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012


...fer the birthday girl!...

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Sherry.
A fraction early your side of the world, but I'll get hijacked for time otherwise.
I'll drink your glass of wine for you.

I arrived here but forgot the ring.......

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Last sunset in South Island

Now in the North staying in the same house as Bilbo Baggins! Off to Hobbiton in a few minutes.

India May 1935

Sherry has now gone and so I have been looking through the photos of when my mother was in India... this photo is the clearest and shows them on the train going from Quetta to Karachi to catch the boat SS Karanga to the UK - refugees after the Quetta Earthquake hit in 31st May 1935 at 3am (30,000 killed) - the British Army came into their own organising the evacuation according to reports I have read. The soldier in the photograph is my grandfather (Royal Artillary), the girl in the window to the right is my mother (5 years old) with her brother, the children to the left of that window are her brothers... my grandmother is there but very faint.

I am now going to scan all the photos into the computer, I may be sometime!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Two for tea

Tea is up.

My Bluebells are out in my garden but still not made it to those woods to see if the ones there are out.

Scones are ready

Happy Weekend everyone
with love from Sherry and Sue down in deepest Dorset


Sorry have been missing lately…………………..

Trying to name these “old boys”







Missing me?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Feels odd.... be projected from Spring into Autumn.

Many thanks for the greetings

Holiday going well. Still recovering from the two day wedding! Currently in Nelson but no sign of Horatio as yet!


The news letter has arrived and been read, re-read and subscription paid for another year. Yee-haa!! Great job Sue and Di, once again. Many thanks.

Mini Reunion in Dorset

After the rain came - Lulworth Cove

Before the rain came - Durdle Door

Sorry Jim this is taken with my old camera which I still have not got to grips with the settings as I see it is still poor quality....note to self, never let 15month grandson play with camera :((

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

rumour has it...

...'tis someone's birthday this day, Thursday 12th April! birthday greetings sent to New Zealand!...

The story Robert Service forgot

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Christchurch New Zealand looks like any other city in the world - well maybe it’s more British than anywhere you would see outside the UK, that is until you turn a corner and see the rubble and cordoned off buildings from the earthquake that devastated this cheerful, up-beat little city. Having said that they are a resilient people who refuse to remain down for long. Under such circumstances help comes from unexpected quarters. One such source is the humble and ubiquitous shipping container. Filled with sand it can be stacked four or five high to stop cliffs toppling onto roads, or with bales of hay used to buttress up leaning churches. It is also the mainstay of the new shopping centre, where containers have been stacked and adapted to make clothing stores, banks and coffee shops so that business can go on as normal. Even the Mercedes Dealer uses a container!