Monday, June 30, 2008

further to...

...and yet the river below is much more benign than that of Niagara: certainly any excitement of being waterproof wrapped in blue cellophane upon "The Maid in the Mist" would be well missed in this little 'brook'! :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Three meet up in France - May 08

Left to right - Julian, Fred and Ian (Ginge) met up recently in France, another mini reunion no less. Ian has written a bit about the visit which will hopefully be in the next cavalier.... I noticed that his writing style is still the same as in 1967; Ian was editor for the 'Fashpoint' 6th form magazine, a copy is available to peruse in the memorabilia. The same 'Flashpoint' magazine has Fred as a writer and Julian as the artist, shame they never invited the typists....

Saturday, June 28, 2008


The aforementioned National Public Radio airs a programme called Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me - it's sort of similar to the Beeb's News Quiz except a little more structured and usually more proper. It is, though, quite amusing. Today, someone had written in and, once again, I'm not making this up.
She said that she was having a hard time with her breasts. They actually performed a function for only three out of her (hopefully) 70 years. The rest of the time, they were either in the way or an embarrassment. So, she had enlisted assistance in containing and harnessing the excess energy produced by their movement. At this point, a panel member interjected with, "Boy, would I like to read the patents on that little lot!". Then, the host added, "She's hoping to develop a bra which can power, say, a telephone or an I-pod.......or, in the case of Pamela Anderson, the entire country of Colombia".

No news of any new amendments to the Constitution yet.....but they will come, mark my words!

For my Bedouin Friend

This one said his name was ‘Albert’ although I’ve a sneaky feeling it’s really Alphonse!

GOBSMACKED of Norfolk, Virginia writes:

No, there I was, driving back to the office this-afternoon and listening to National Public Radio - this is basically a non-profit, funded by public donations, not advertiser sycophantic facility which leans politically somewhat to the left but tends to have more interesting talk stuff than the never ending, moronic radio talk shows. Norfolk is in the 'Bible Belt' and tends to be rather parsimonious in attitude towards anything involving reproduction or bodily functions.

The topic of the show was a book - I never did hear the name - about smells and species. The author (whose name I also missed) was being interviewed and had commented that whilst dogs regard smells as something 'out there' and identify them with similar skill to humans looing at objects, humans tend to attach other emotions to smells; lavender and old ladies, disinfectant and hospitals, beer and pubs and so on. He commented that dogs have exceptional olfactory equipment and a sense of smell to go with it whilst mice probably smell within in the same range as humans. I was about to turn this off, having rather superciliously decided it was far too subjective when the host intervened. "Tell me" He said (and I'm NOT making this up), "And I'm determined to ask it true that women have stinkier farts than men?"

Once I stopped laughing, you could have knocked me over with a feather!

"Well" Replied the author, "Yes, it is....although men tend to produce more gas and this probably dilutes the effect and negates the argument".

AND THIS ON NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO in a country where ANY direct reference to sex or bodily functions is usually immediately censored - but, as the recently deceased George Carlin observed, guns and violence proliferate!

Nowt as queer as folk!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Men can Multi-task too

No sooner said than done Paul. Will be watching the footie tonight

...strange going ons!...

…according to a Sky News report this day, a UFO expert says the latest reported sighting over a military base in Shropshire should be enough to prompt a formal inquiry into Britain's airspace security…Recent footage filmed by a soldier at the Tern Hill barracks has been viewed...It follows a series of UFO sightings across Wales last week where, in one incident, on June 8, a police helicopter was forced to swerve sharply as it was apparently 'buzzed' by a strange craft…At the same time, similar reports were being filed about other UFO sightings around the country, lending weight to the fact that there does seem to be something odd going on in our airspace!...A formal inquiry has been asked, pointing out flight safety issues, and citing a particular video shot by military personnel depicting the seriousness of the aforementioned incident…

Back on Line

Hello all , I am back on line after a PC fault which required a new motherboard (no, not a valve as in the Radio Ham) Due to poor delivery. it has taken six days to get back to normal.
Thanks for the comments on the house. The electrician is here today for final fixing. The Painters have just left after sealing the floors and the tiler is here tomorrow.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hoorah!!!! I think I may have sussed it.....

Jeannie and I meeting up after 30 years. The story is in the New Cavalier on how we finally got in touch again, thank you Peps.
It is all weird and I don't understand it hence I have not posted anything..... just tried to load a picture and the 'blog' does not like it.... poo to it all I think I will give up :(

Hello Peps, met up with Jeannie and when I have finished my tantrum I may try again and post my picture.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Come Back all is forgiven

Cry for help to Aussie Shelia -
Reports in the press Pick your own STRAWBERRY folk are eating more than they are picking and paying for.
So experienced controller needed to sort out the traditional rural habits.
Mind you only if the little Red Number returns as well
Cheers from Wellow Fellow.

Friday, June 20, 2008

From the early '50's - for those who were there...

For those who were at PRS in 1952/3! I was amazed yesterday to hear on CBC Radio 2 a recording by Jo Stafford. She certainly had a fantastic voice, and I particularly remember this one - it was very big on Radio Luxemberg and AFN. Hope you dont mind the nostalgia, you younger ones:)

ay up!...


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

For MrP

This is for Fred,who expressed a desire to see some Oxfam pictures a while ago.

The lady with million dollar legs

Just heard that Cyd Charisse has died - so here is scene of her and the wonderful Fred...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

...for Paul...

...the good mother...

…some long while back I was sent this cute, yet heartbreaking, picture which held an uncertain fate for the poor chicks marked by their absence, bar one…

…however this, collected from the Daily Mail this day, has a somewhat happier ending…and the drama took place in my neck of the woods too!…
…Transpires these six little mallard ducklings found themselves trapped in a dark sewer, their only hope of rescue falling to their ma whom they had last seen over a mile away when they were initially sucked into the drain…Meanwhile, seems their ma diligently followed their cheeps of distress, listening at every manhole along the way…
…Her journey took her across a busy roundabout, many roads, a railway line, a housing estate, two school playing fields and hospital grounds, only finally coming to a halt over a manhole cover...And there she remained for around four hours afore residents in the area, curious as to why this mother duck seemed reluctant to move from her vigil, eventually investigated…

...Pitiful cheeping could clearly be heard from the depths of the sewer below and so the manhole cover was duly lifted to reveal the bewildered ducklings…They were lifted out carefully with a fishing net and reunited with their clever ma in a nearby paddling pool and left to recover…After which they were taken by these caring residents to a lake near Newcastle airport and released to swim happily away…

Monday, June 16, 2008

One year on

This is the current state of my home, one year after the floods. The living room (left) now has a fireplace. No fire yet, but one cannot have everything. The Hall (below) is still a builer's storage area and the integral freezer has been there for three months!

Please do not mention the downstairs loo (left) that has been in the living room for four months. On a good note, we nearly have a kitchen.

The dining area and conservatory are good for tumble drying and ironing (something that I know nothing about)

The Outlaw

One for you Paul,egged on by Diane. Not my idea honestly.

Aqaba, Jordan

Just as a point of interest and going back a couple of postings on the blog - this is a photo of the main street in Aqaba, Jordan when we lived there in 1956. In the distance in front of the mountains are the MQs, that group of long buildings. They were styled after nissan huts, but made of concrete with a full size canopy of some kind of rushes over the top of each one. The locusts came one day and had a great feed for a while! From the quarters, we could look down over the Gulf of Aqaba and across the valley to Israel, where the (now) holiday resort of Eilat was being built. It was nothing but a few huts then. Of course, Aqaba is now a thriving place with divided highways in and out. I'd like to go back, just for comparison.

Monty Python's Military Fairy

Is this the one you were thinking of Paul?

Birthday boys and girls

busy celebrating - Lois and Barrie with their super present of a PRS coat hook!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

OTD in1215...

...the signing of the Magna Carta!...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

a tree gave up its life fer this?...

...and this is fer Bob! :)

Canadian humour!!!

My aunt sent me this,apparently from her local Toronto paper.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Women know your place!

Reminds me of Harry Enfield

the fifties eh!...

...some folk would consider we fought hard to escape the 50's !...what say you, girls? :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Newbury Part II

I've found a couple of pics that don't appear to be repeats of Pat's. The one above shows (I think) Graeme Rothwell and the one above that, John McKey (back of his head), Terry Tranter on the right and Liselotte Bischoff on the left, sorry, don't know the couple at the back.
I've also put another video clip on Youtube. It's a video walkabout on site on the day of the Memorial ceremony by Joe Kinson.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Is this him D?

Sideways view -

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Newbury get together

As you can see the sun shone yesterday at the "Mini" reunion yesterday in Newbury - I say mini but there were about 50. Pictures from Pat Underhill - I just hope I have not put the wrong names under any of them!

Melodie Roger Follows and Graeme Rothwell lady at back Rogers wife

Tony Monk Paul Hayward Marge and Dick ? Mary Ogilvey Stuarts husband I think?

Barry and Hazel Adams and Jo Aldridge

Yvonne Steed and I don't know the other lady a 47ner

Jackie Steed and Patrick Aldridge

Marjorie Uren David Dalton and the back of Jackie Allen

Bernie,John Steels Barbara Papworth and Tony Monk

Next stop Nottingham on 16th of this month - then August and Fleet!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Tidworth (again!) and new Tescos

This is the second time I have tried to post these pics, hope it works. I seem to have become blog challenged all of a sudden! My friend in Tidworth sent me some pics of the new Tescos at the top of Station Road, it is much bigger than I thought it would be. Quite a change. (I have totally forgotten how to put words in between photos, as per Babs instructions. Hopeless, really - me not Babs.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Simply the best

I have many PRS reunion photos, but this is simply the best.

A bevy of Drake - ites

Prs 1997 from left to right - David Howells, Dereck Beams, Your's Truly, Roger (Cpl) Hall, Mike Beams and Ron Preedy.

Ark royal going through Suez Canal

Paul on Ark Royal coming home to Portsmouth

Never got up this high though on tour round - did you Norman? This is my son keeping an eye out for incoming missiles etc as they went through the Canal - for some reason they could not use radar - or so he said