Thursday, July 27, 2006

The strongest lada on two legs!

Ex PRSites will remember the ubiquitous bunkers. The Fleigerdeich was liberally covered with massive lumps of reinforced concrete, some of which were damaged during the war, but most were destroyed post war by Canadian engineers using hydraulic pressure. Here, a Drake boy tries to prove that it is not just Collingwood boys and girls who are superhuman. Exploring the bunkers could be dangerous. The preferred method of investigating the labyrinth of ruins was in the company of one of the young ladies from the main site (just in case first aid needed to be rendered, you understand). The Kaiser-Wilhelm Br├╝cke can be seen in the background.

Howe Fan Meets His Idol

No, this shot is not a computer manipulated in any way. And if the face on the right seems familiar, it should (see previous Howe Boy guitarist and car photos). But the face on the left should be slightly familiar too. I got him in one, but will you? Need a clue? Think fifties, think rock and think leather. Answers on a postcard....

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Will the real Elvis please stand up

Who is this Howe boy doing his Elvis impression circa late fifties? I bet a few of you girlies will know the answer to this one. Answers on a postcard to....

Monday, July 24, 2006

Never mind the lads...Howe about the car?

Two Howe lads probably snapped at Bonteheim around 1958-59. Anyone recognise them? And if I'm not mistaken, we have a 6-cylinder Vauxhall Cresta, which staff-member Tom Bernardes might have owned, although there might have been other teachers with one.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Remember Slipper Fights?

I can't say I recall slipper fights (I was more into tie flicking at twenty paces myself), but some former male pupils are bound to recall such scenes as this one snapped at Drake Boys. Culpable in this case is at least Ron Mottram (extreme right). Anyone know who the others are? Notice the picture of The King on the wall?

Drake Bunch

Taken in Winter term 1959, this photo of four Drake roommates says it all about the comradeship that I for one can happily recall. The question you recognise them? Some will certainly recognise Ron Mottram on the right (never met him, but recognisable from Stormin's guitar photo and the javelin photo on a previous posting. Graham Print is another, as is Dmitri Mendeleev, who sent in the photo and would appear to be our mystery man! And isn't that Steve Winwood, the former lead singer with Spencer Davis Group on the left?

Saturday, July 15, 2006

no piccie but memories...

...because, further to Carol's sentiments earlier stated here on Paul's PRS Blog, 'tis 40 years this very day fer me also since last I donned ye olde schoole uniformio! Wow!...and how those years have flown!...and so important an occasion it be for me too, I feel the need to echo the sentiments on all three channels: Brats; TWA and Pauls PRS Blog...Mainly because I know my fellow schoolies share the feelings as only surrogate siblings possibly could eh!...Yippee!...schools out fer summer!....

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Poet's Corner

A little ditty written by former member of staff, Basil Cocker, has come to light and receives its first public airing 45 years on!
This story I must now relate
To bring you people up to date
With all the tales and happenings
That go on when the school bell rings.
Boys from many senior classes
Scan the grounds for their favourite lasses
Along the corridors they run
For a break of half a minute's fun
The girls themselves, not very coy
Are searching for their favourite boy.
They know his times and breaktime habits
Run around the school like frantic rabbits.
What shame for these poor lads and lasses
So little time to make their passes
The thought of work and evening prep
Is ruined by the jiving step
Who'd think this lovely modern child
Would go all gooey o'er Marty Wilde.

(name withheld), a crafty miss
Who thought life was perfect bliss
An artist she, a busy bee
A long time since she graced Dad's knee.
She likes to match boy with girl
Sets these two off in a dizzy whirl
Carries messages and letters
Takes cash creditors to debtors.
Classwork never comes withthin it
For lessons she can't spae a minute.
Only rock and roll and jiving
Is her idea of living.
One day soon she'll be harried
When she finally gets married
Then she'll know that facts and figures
Don't just concern ten little niggers!
The state of her weekly bills
Will turn her man to taking pills
And when she's old and growing grey
She'll think back on this happy day
When 'stead of jumping, turning, jerking
She should have spent her time by working.