Thursday, June 29, 2006

Smile for Me, My Diane

I wonder how may times former Howe gal, Diane Kerwin, had this famous song sung at her during the 60's when the Bachelors had their famous hit? Anyway, here she is aged 10 (just before her PRS days in 1948) and below aged 12 (Christmas 1951). What's the relevance of the pub photo, we hear you ask? No, her Dad wasn't the landlord as far as we know, but anyone stationed at Tidworth army camp will surely recognise the Ram Inn, as it was back then. Diane remembers it with some trees in front when she was there.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

waterbabe wannabee...

…Due to the fact that girlies tend to grow somewhat over time, ma marched me off to Karstadt one easy weekend, summer ‘65, in order to purchase a new bather! ‘Twas an orange, floral event which cost the princely sum of 9DM…I recall the price especially because this particular piece had, as its companion, an equally vivid orange hat to which were attached the most enormous petals thus giving the whole ensemble a more than passing resemblance to a bunch of sea anemones clinging to a reef!...And who would have thunk that this little piece of nonsense would bring the total cost to 23DM!…mucho moulies in them thar days, I was reminded, so take care of it!...Absolutely, sez I, nodding vigorously and charging outta da shop afore ma had the chance to retract her bounty…hmmm, pity the pool over at yon sports platz failed to share my careful attitude!...No sooner had I dived into the water, the petals came unglued one by one until I was left sporting one orange skull cap…yet they did look pretty floating about me, I must admit!...Anyway, enough of the tale already: here be me in the costume, sans hat, with PRS upon the horizon…

Thursday, June 22, 2006

swallows and amazons...

...ah, well whilst yet dwelling upon young folk in bathers, here's one of me in m'very first one!...Very popular style in them thar days of 1958 so I understand: 'twas bright yellow, (didn't make 'em in red, alas!)...Afore this time, speaking of 'hand-me-downs', there was just one pair of knickers 'twixt a group of us kids, but such was the age of innocence among the sand dunes of Spurn Point, the only thing wot mattered a jot was who got to be cap'n on the huge tractor inner tube when the tide came in far enough to launch the thing!...Pirates and brigands ruled okay!!! :)

The Way We Were (5)

A portrait of the former Raleigh gal Eileen Ripley (nee Berry). Who's a pretty girl then?
Eileen once again (with the floppy hat which she still owns) in Tunisia about 35 years ago. Nice legs Eileen! You didn't finally decide on the vase at the very bottom did you?
Eileen (right) aged 10 posing with a friend in Tripoli.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Way We Were (4)

Another bare-knees photo that should tickle at least one reader (hi Carol). Taken at our first address (Ahornstrasse) in Herford. I have no idea what TV programmes we were able to receive 'cos BFBS only had a radio service at that time. Maybe the TV was just for show. Anyone remember what German channels there were in those days?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

donkey days...

had this one on file already, Paul...'tis one of m'bro, (also an erstwhile PRS-ite), and me on Withernsea beach circa '55 or'56

The Way We Were (3)

A sight to send pulses racing from 'Ull to 'Alifax (at least). No doubt inspired by the bathing beauty pose of Marilyn Monroe on an earlier posting (although I suspect our topless poses had more to do with it), Babs in all her slender glory at Pelong Rocks (wherever that is) in Oz. She admits to it not quite being an up-to-the-minute photo, so let's hazard a guess. The year before last Babs?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Memories Are Made of This

As I was saying Babs, this photo of three former pupils, plus others, taken in Hornsea (1955) perfectly illustrates the usual pecking order for lads in those days. Being forced to wear plimsoles was probably sensible because I later found out (to my agony) that spiny-backed weaver fish frequent these shores and bury themselves in the sand awaiting unsuspecting paddlers! But didn't I just love those hand-me-downs, including swimming trunks comprising the bottom half of my sister's old costume!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A River Flowed Through It

A very happy bunch snapped in 'Happy Valley' Wrexham during the mid-fifties. Flanked by my two sisters, Kathleen Urquart and I regained touch last year after having been neighbours in Wrexham 50 years ago. She now lives in Oz and had been trying to contact my sisters without success. Then she entered my name into the Friends Reunited search engine and bingo! She sent this photo, which none of us had seen before.

Monday, June 12, 2006

A Keen Lad at Our '97 Bash

If some of you instantly recognise the face of Mike Keen, snapped here at the 1997 Wilhelms- haven reunion, it's probably because you saw him filming video footage of the event. Mike was a Collingwood lad in the early-mid fifties, which accounts for his good looks, young appearance and athletic figure (what am I saying?). Mike is a good friend of Eileen's and now lives in Perth, Western Australia. Not exactly in your back yard Babs, but hell, what's a mere 2,760 miles (as the crow flies) to a C'woodie?

While we are on the subject...

...of military matters, here is another view of the PRS Army Cadets in front of the tennis court(s). Sent in by Val, one can't help wondering how she came to have more than one odd snap (a similar photo was published some time back) of a bunch of lads? Was she facinated by lads uniforms by any chance? Or was there one special 'squaddie' she was stalking? Come on Val, you can tell us!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

PRS - The 3rd Generation

Not wanting to give the game away entirely, but to celebrate Val's significant birthday (and various benefits that come with it, such as travel concessions, etc.), we are pleased to bring you this lovely shot of her with the 'McD Clan', which was taken last Christmas. Val is the one in the middle, just in case you are confused by Carol's previous posting. Many happy returns Val!

Topless as requested

One pic of me topless - what a gorgeous hat.... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Bridge Not Half As Far

Another Bridge, this time a pub called The Bridge in Gamston, Nr. Nottingham. Above: TWA secretary, Carol Goronwy (centre) who was at PRS in the mid sixties, obviously enjoying herself in the company of Jack Newby and Gloria Goldsmith who were both at PRS in 1947. Middle: They were joined by John Simes (left) and Pat Cross, who was in Rodney (1961) and who attended the mini-reunion for the first time. Top: Joan Kitching nee Thurston (left) and Eileen Ripley nee Berry completed the happy group.

A Bridge Not Too Far

This must be the other bridge (not the KaiserWilhelm Bruecke) from school into the town, although the view is unfamiliar (to me at least). And one presumes these are pupils because the photo is one of Graham Print's. I doubt if magnification will reveal the riders' identities, but Graham might remember if he's one of them. Don't recall anyone having a bike at school in my era.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Way We Were (2)

Our Eileen (Ripley, nee Berry) as she was in an undisclosed era, but judging by the padded shoulders it would be around the late seventies to early eighties. Eileen is one of the few people who have had hit songs written about her. Surely she was the one that Dexies' Midnight Runners serenaded in their 'Come on Eileen' hit? And there were others. My Diane (The Bachelors), Oh Carol (Neil Sedaka), Barbara (The Beachboys), Norman (Susan Maugham), and Valerie (Stevie Winwood). Did I miss any? Yes, I did, even though we haven't got grandchildren of our own yet...Bob The Builder!