Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Drake Boys Gong

Although this an old chestnut for some (hi Norm!), others might not know about the Drake Boys gong. This woke us up in the morning and generally ruled our lives during term. As Norman points out in The Book, the "musicians" who beat (use of the word 'played' deliberately avoided) the gong could often by deduced from their 'style' of beating. We certainly knew when a monitor called Derek Wright took his turn!

A Nice Little Runner

While we seem to be on the subject of cars (on the TWA guestbook and Stormin's), get a load of this collectors item seen here outside Drake Girls in1960. A yellow and white two-tone Austin Metropolitan, no less. In the background: Miss Tyler's Renault Dauphine, the Murray's Hillman Minx, an Austin Cambridge estate and the rear end of an Opel (probably a Rekord). Although not a big car by American standards (it was produced in the US), at 12 years of age I recall having difficulty reaching the pedals!

Half-term Excursion in Summer 1960

Judy with Adrienne and Diane Murray during an easy-weekend visit in 1960. I always recall the treats our parents brought with them, including Marmite sandwiches, chocolate biscuits and similar delicacies that were unavailable at school.

Friday, April 28, 2006

PRS Here We Come!

My sister Judy flanked by Adrienne and Diane Murray in Herford on the morning of the departure of the school train in January 1960. Monitors and prefects wore distinguishing ties and scarves, not to mention tassels in their hats, just in case you had forgotten. The Murrays were last heard of in Andover.

Polka Dots are 'Go'

You can tell the era when this was taken purely by the polka dots on show! My sister Judy (centre) who was a Drake monitor in 1959/60, and Miss Tyler (right) Drake housemistress and art teacher. In fact, the very one who wrote nasty things about me in my very first school report. Anyone know who the teacher on the left is?

Drake Room Mates

Val McDonald and Kathy Magee sunning themselves outside the house around 1960/61. They shared a room with Pauline Wall. As mentioned in a previous posting, Kathy was one of a number of pupils to actually have the bottle to abscond. I wonder if anyone has a rough overview of the numbers who did so? During my only year at PRS I was unaware of a single case.

Two of The Very Best

Described by someone who knew them well as the "Best blokes in Howe and Rodney", John Squire (Goolie) and Didi Sharp come highly recommended. We are left wondering what for exactly, but lets assume it means brains, brawn, virility, good looks, gentlemanly charm, reliability, honesty, loyalty, fidelity, tenderness, devotion, being in touch with their female side (my wife's favourite 'must have' in a man) etc., etc. Are you sure these weren't Drake lads Val?

Impressive model

An impressive model or what? Seen on the car park outside Drake Girls and a head turner all the way. Pleasing lines, very nicely turned out, built for speed and comfort too I shouldn't wonder. In fact, just what most boys dreamed about owning in 1960. The Simca isn't bad either. Didn't that belong to Miss Tyler, House mistress and art teacher?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Teapot Impressionist

This has to be the most original silly pose we've seen on the PRS Blog and we've seen some good ones haven't we Helga? It is. of course, Drake's own Kathy Magee, posing in the early sixties. There were two or three Magees during the mid-life of the school, including Collingwood's Babs and a certain Lolita - possibly also a Collingwoodie?). Kathy shared a room with Val McDonald and Pauline Wall.

The Drake Rabble

You might have known it. Just when I had told everyone how great Drake was, along comes this rabble to show us up. And isn't this outside the church too? Hope its not the vicar behind the camera. And don't be taken in by the teddy wouldn't want to meet this lot on a dark night. Pauline Wall (top), Trixie (?) (centre), Daryl Chatterton (left) and Kathy Magee.

Great House

Just in case anyone thinks I've been disloyal to my old female housemates (plugging the physical attributes of Collingwood), here's a shot to warm their hearts. It shows Diane Murray (whose ex-room mate is keen to get in touch with again after 46 years, incidentally). Diane and her sister Adrienne were neighbours of ours in Herford and Diane started at PRS the same time as me in the spring term of 1960.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Camping at the Sports Platz... previously mentioned on, da and bro' camping at the Sportz Platz with ye olde trusty Peugot 404...1964

Food, glorious food...

Any familiar faces? Collingwood Boys dining room around 1954. Drake Boys was a mirror image on the other side of the mess building. We were always famished by the time the evening meal was served and I for one used to savour it as though it was the Last Supper. I never minded serving (juniors had that privilege), it gave me longer to savour the food and was better than having to sit still the whole time.

Happy Days

Taken just inside the maingate. The first PRS photo on first easy weekend of my first term. Felt a bit reluctant to show this photo to anyone at the time, but now reveal (with great pride) my old mum, who died last year just five months short of her 95th.

Easy weekend

While waiting for Val to approve the latest batch of photos for the blog, I came across this photo of my dad (not among Val's photos you understand). Isn't this a view from Fliegerdeich looking towards the Kaiser Wilhelm Bridge? No doubt up for an easy weekend and the exploits of two local anglers (rods laid on the wooden pier) must have caught his eye.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

..."maybe it's because the lady is a tramp"...

...okay, here we go: toe in da water wi'da piccies...the one on da left is of the Sport Platz...Fond echoes of warm grass and secret smiles eh!...But enough of me: here be Ken Hudson, circa Summer term 1963...anyone recall him?...above is one of the school plays: "A Night Out", Autumn 1965 with Brian Chapman...Incidentally also a member of da Collingwood fraternity!...hope this works.......

At the Gatehouse

Hooray found a picture of Gatehouse
but it is from reunion in 1997 - Sue and France Burroughs (Collingwood of course) and another young lady whose name I have forgotten - anyone recognise her?

On the Waterfront

A view from the causeway with the mainsite on the right. So, what's that building on the horizon dead ahead? Presumably some shed or other in the left foreground. Maybe our shed specialists can shed some light on that?

Bante Ruine, I think

Perhaps one of you PRS buffs will confirm that this is a view of the Bante Ruine outside the main-site entrance. Is that the causeway to Fliegerdeich on the left? What was the ruin of exactly? And was it ancient, medieval, modern? Was it a secret meeting place for mutually attracted boys and girls, or was that always behind the bunker?

A Bunch of Lads for a Change

The Army Cadets doing their thing in the late '50s/early '60s. Isn't that Cpl. Hall in the middle Norm? I recall that Charlie Arthur was a sergeant and Mr Malins (woodwork) a CO. Our Alan (Fidock) was also a recruit. No girl recruits allowed in those days it seems. C'mon Alan, let's be having that photo of you in uniform that you showed us in Antwerp!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Sister Act

Anyone remember or know anything about the Doult sisters, Carol and Wendy? Although not identical twins, they were the same height and build so their hair colour was the easiest way to tell them apart at a distance. Surely somebody can add a little anecdote about them? Val?

Power House

A sight to send the shivers down the spines of less athletic houses (at least in the mid-to-late fifties), the red girlies were indeed a force to contend with, winning just about everything in sight ('54, '55 and '59 were years when the red house reached double figures in terms of inter-house competition wins). Two exceptions preventing a clean sweep in '59 was the Nags Head Trophy (won by Drake, I hasten to add) and netball (won by Rodney).

Take Two Girls

'Take Two Girls' (maybe it was three?) sticks in my mind as the title of a sixties TV series, but maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, Here are two Drake lovelies who are Daryl Chatterton and Carol Weeks. Photo by courtesy of Val. Judging by the bare twigs it is spring or autumn term and taken in the early sixties.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lovers climb (as opposed to leap...get it?)

The sight that must have set more than one pulse racing back in the early sixties. The leap up to a certain dormitory window that must have scaled (at least mentally) a few times by the lads, at least two of whom are know to small our circle of friends. All names withheld to prevent rivalry (dare I say skirmishes) at future reunions!

Girls, girls, girls

A sight to set the lads pulses racing. Well, it would have in or around 1960. Just in case some of the faces are vaguely familiar, this time the pupils' names are all know to us (almost). Left to right, they are: Daryl Chatterton, Carol Weeks, Pinny Travis, Rosemary Hutchinson and Ginny (somebody or other). All from Drake I would think, seeing as it's one of Val's photos.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Two Drake Girls

Drake girls, Judy Aitchinson and Ann Cowper pose in the summer sunshine at the entrance to their house around 1958/59. Judy was a prefect and Ann a monitor, who currently lives on the Wirral in Cheshire. Please add a comment if anyone is in contact with or knows what happened to Judy. Photo by courtesy of Val.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Welcome to our world

I just knew there just had to be more photos in existence of former pupils posing at the mainsite entrance in addition to mine (see earlier posting). And sure enough, one has turned up. Taken in the early sixties, it shows Pauline Wall (left), Val McDonald (right) and A.N. Other (centre). Any ideas who the third person is? If so, please let us know.

Our man in Oz

Anyone remember Terry Barker (ex-PRS but house unknown), shown here outside Bab's place in Melbourne? Looks about 1960's era, but not a Drake lad as far I can recall. Surely we would have told us if he was ex-Collingwood (or not Babs?). Anyone know who else from PRS ended up in Oz? If not, "where the hell are you?" as the controversial advert proclaims. Who knows, might even be enough for a mini-reunion.

The mainsite before our time

One for the historic archives showing high-ranking German Naval officers (anyone know who?) presenting a serving officer with a decoration being held ready by the officer second from the right. Babs, who sent in the photo doesn't recall how she got it and is quick to point out that she was far too young to have been around at the time the photo was taken. (We'll believe you Babs!)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Remember Elke - our sanatorium nurse?

Nurse Elke will be affectionately remembered by those of us who were taken ill during term. These included my sister Anne, who spent a week in the sanatorium following an operation. Shown here at the Wilhelmshaven '97 reunion, Elke laid on refreshments for those of us who wandered by, including Eileen to whom we extend our thanks for the photo.

Back to the early '50s

This must have been before the advent of Rock'nRoll. Doing the hokey cokey at an (end-of-term?) bash are (left to right - top photo) Ann Moutry, Sheila Harris, Ann Billing, Jane Newbold, Jack Moore, Jack Newby, Shirley Elman (we think) and Mike King. With the exception of the one in the school blazer, they look old enough to have been on the teaching staff. If you recoginse anyone in the other pic, please tell our Eileen, whom we thank for sending in the photo.

Very senior boy and girl

If you remember these two at school, you attended PRS in the early fifties. They are in fact Henry and Joyce Sanders, who were in Collingwood and Raleigh (later Drake), respectively. Eileen, who sent in the photo, has kept in touch with them all these years and says that Henry (a prefect no less) was very scholarly and became a vicar. Fluent in 6 languages, he acted as an interpreter during the Hungarian Uprising.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dressed to Kill

Eye-catching dress or what? Well, Val McDonald (left in photo) and Pauline Wall posing on the church steps in or around 1960-61 at least should know. They certainly knew how to turn heads in those days. Let's guess Val, with white polka dots?

The Likely Lads

Now here are a couple of likely lads if ever I saw two. Complete with hairstyles by courtesy of Brylcreem, reliable sources suggest they are from the early sixties. They are in fact Dave Elkington and the late Terry Casey, both Drake boys. Did we really look like that? I don't remember any bars at the windows. Are you sure this wasn't taken at reform school?

Hey-Ho me hearties!

More a case of "Fall in there you lot" than "Show a leg there" at this Sea Rangers parade in the late 50s. Left to right are: Brigitte Rees (hi Pete!), Val McDonald and Lorne Young. Sorry, you'll have to guess from there onwards, but surely someone can recall the name of the officer commanding? Photo taken below decks on HMS Drake by any chance?

Friday, April 14, 2006

A view to remember

Yes folks, here's where it was at fifty, forty, or thirty-odd years ago, as the case may be. And with little or no visible change during that period. Now, of course, it's a different matter. But thanks to our infallible memories and the camera, we can relive many of the magic moments from our halcyon days. Thanks to Andy Renou for permission to reproduce this image and a very Happy Easter to all our readers.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


No,... not Roger Follows being strangled in the library, but admittedly he doesn't look too well in this end-of-term stage production of... (any ideas?). I recall Roger when he was a fifth-form Drake monitor. He used to go on dyke walks with a mate known to us by the nickname "Contro". Now why would someone be called that? Others in the photo (courtesy of Val by the way) are unidentified so far, so some help needed there.

He did it his way

If you were at the Blackpool reunion in 2003, you will no doubt know who this is. Yes, no less than PRS' answer to Frank Sinatra, our very own Maurice Lammas. He sang a couple of songs (I am reliably informed by Eileen), namely My Way and Sweet Caroline. For those who didn't know Maurice at school, he was a Raleigh lad in the early 50's. Pity there wasn't a cup for singing. Mind you, no doubt some budding Matt Monroe or Charlotte Church would have emerged from the ranks of the red house to pip everyone to the post!

Sporty couple...or what?

Jog any memories? It's the very same Ron Mottram (Drake) with unidentified female companion posing on the main site in the late 50's - summer term no doubt. Could this be where Brian Ferry found inspiration for Roxy Music's 'Flesh and Blood' album sleeve? Ron had at least a younger brother, Billy, who would also have been in Drake. Val, who sent in the photo, remembers them, but not the girl. Clues anyone?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

It's lonely at the top!

Collingwood seemed to have countless cup-winning athletes in my PRS days. But Drake had Derek Wright, a 5th-form Drake monitor in 1960, who was a prodigious thrower of things, like cricket balls and javelins. If you were facing him at the cricket crease, you didn't want to get in the way of his super-fast delivery and most of the time he wore a 'don't mess with me' expression similar to the one in this photo. Stationed at RAF Gatow (Berlin) during his PRS days, he joined the RAF upon leaving school, but nobody seems to have heard from him since. So, where are you now Derek?

Who's the blonde?

Lois Hammond, TWA's Chairman, chatting with the Mayor of Wilhems- haven after presenting him with 'The Book' at a civic reception in the town in 2005. Ashamedly, I had to ask Pete Rees,who supplied the photo, who the blonde was chatting to the mayor! Sorry Lois, but the lighting wasn't great in Plymouth when you addressed our bun fight, and I really don't recall you being blonde either. Must make a point of seeing an optician one of these fine days.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Anyone for the high jump?

No doubt the muddy coastline was why the sand in the high-jump pit at the Sportplatz proved too much of a temptation for these three Drake girls in the summer of (1959/60?). From top to bottom, inseparable pals Pauline Wall and Val McDonald, with mutual friend Trixie (surname?). Does anyone else think the top one is a dead ringer for Haley Mills? Thanks to Val, an entire album of old photos is available to blog, but the question is...will she let us reveal all? Watch this space!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Howe boy strums a mean tune

We have featured former Colling- wood, Drake and Raleigh pupils on the PRS blogspot, but never a Howe person. So, meet Bob Lintott saying (singing?) a word at his daughter's wedding. Bob was a PRS pupil from 1959 to 1964. Those former pupils who may have read his contributions to PRS-related website guestbooks, will know that he lives in the Louisiana region of the USA that was hit by two hurricanes last year. His home, which is just to the south of New Orleans, escaped major damage but Bob was faced with repairs, including roof damage. Bob runs his own marine-fuel-supplies business and included among his hobbies are cooking, playing the guitar, and of course taking to the water in his own motorboat.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Great to be back!

Their grins say it all. Getting back into Drake House at the '97 reunion was a thrill for these four former seniors (why only 'former' seniors I hear you ask), posing at one of the ground-floor windows. This is the level where the big lads hung out. Have a guess who is behind the camera because it seemed a long way down to the ground when I was a junior.