Thursday, June 30, 2016

Tales from the Mighty Continent I

In Euro Land news of Brexit has been largely met with shock and stoic silence.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

...and then there's this!...

and this

Lies, dam lies and statistics.

Analysis of the Referendum I suspect will run and run. After all as Mark Twain said: 'Get your facts and then you can distort them as much as you please.'
Take the above map showing the referendum results.
 One could argue it shows the areas of principal benefit of the EU. It also shows where the rich live, the people who have done very nicely, with the cheapo Polish plumbers and Romanian nannies. It also shows those areas hardest hit by immigration of EU nationals, or the poorer constituencies. Some may claim it shows distribution of IQ.
Sadly what none of these statistics will show, in part because some people don't want us to know, is why we ended up here in the first place.
Perhaps easier to explain are the interesting figures presented by Paul below on age profiles. Here goes.
 The relationship between youth and Remain. It seems there is a strong argument for suggesting that these are the 'risk averse' generation that WE have created. The kids who were picked up from school, never allowed out on their bikes, didn't climb trees and had their school trips cancelled in case they got sunburn.  The generation brought up on a culture  of Health and Safety and political correctness, where if you are not a white middle-class male you are a victim. Think I exaggerate? Look at our universities, who now all have their 'safe places'. The law degrees where rape can now longer be mentioned, unless students are warned beforehand that a 'trigger word' will be used. The people who run for cover when they see a statue of Cecil Rhodes.
As for us oldies. We have a duty to explain to our children why we voted the way we did. Democracy for us is still indelibly etched in our psyche as what our parents and grandparents went to war for. The generation who when confronted with 'Project Fear' instead of running for 'safe places' simply bristled. Who rankled when the unelected and unaccountable President of the EU threatened to beggar us  and make an example of us if we dare leave. The people who know exactly what 'back of the queue' Obama stands for.
I like to think we oldies voted the way we did not only because we want a better world for our children, but know what one looks like.
Like I say, the social scientists will soon be blaming Brexit on the Hadron Collider, but what we need now are not graphs, but a bit of the old Dunkirk spirit. We are where we are.

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Looking forward to good, traditional English fayre for dinner this evening. Perhaps, washed down with a fine brown ale.

happy birthday... Bill and Lord Hartley of Woof...

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Say 'Farewell' to Peace and Contentment for the forseebale generation or two

No matter which side of the referendum wins, a large body of discontented will 'belly-ache' on whose fault it is for any woes and strife; believing, off course, that if their side had won things would be different....

Here in Canada the 30 year old 'Quebec Referendum' still generates arguments when the subject is broached. In many cases with great anger

The SNP has still got an axe to grind and will continue to push for another plebiscite ad nauseum.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Lois Hammond


Sad news is that Lois's husband has passed away. A true gentleman R.I.P.

Monday, June 20, 2016

A bit of history

The story behind this is..... my recently deceased Uncle Des did his army training at Bovington Camp whilst in the 2nd Tank Regiment in 1945 and must have acquired this book.  He left the Army after National Service and then after he retired he moved to Australia... and took the book as a memento of his army days.  My Uncle Des was my dads best friend and took him home one leave which is where he met my Auntie Jean (my dads sister) and they got married shortly afterwards.  
Another thread to this is, my mum was in the ATS and worked at Bovington/Lulworth Camp in publications and worked on such books as this and knew the man who did the illustrations (draftsman) he was sadly killed whilst serving in Malaya during the Emergency in the 1950s.  My mum remembered a lot about that time of her life.  Also my mum met my dad whilst in Bovington serving with the 2nd Tanks, he changed cap badges and joined the 8th Kings Royal Hussars whilst in Korea and they amalgamated with the 4th Hussars and became the Queens Royal Irish Hussars and are now the Queens Royal Hussars?? 

So fast forward 69 years and I go to Australia where my Auntie Jean hands me this book and tells me about the history.  I bring it back home and ask the Tank Museum at Bovington if they would like it... they don't have this particular type and are thrilled to have it... hoping to get a photo of handover... watch this space.   Published in Bovington and now returning to Bovington!!

Friday, June 17, 2016

From the heart!

I don't care how fucked up the person who shot and knifed Jo Cox is, I don't want to hear the 'PC' ramifications nor do I want to know about his deprived childhood! Nobody in Britain needs to be subjected to this gratuitous violence so, his arse doesn't deserve to see the light of day for the rest of his life.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Flowering crab, despite the weather.

The best this has been for at least 12 years, we were thinking of cutting it down as it was so rag-taggle.  It must have heard the conversation, and saw what we did to three other trees.  A huge pine that was threatening the house and two maples that were getting very feeble.  Guess we'll keep it for another year, then!!

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Mr P the slacker.

The old van I bought has proved to be a popular beast( people requiring stuff* for projects)apparently I am included for labour.Replaced a load of decking and trip to the dump for "princess".Then lumber,jackposts etc for the "wardens " old shack.Got some steel plates from my son(pipefitters foreman in the shop".Removed some flooring and banged together some 2x6x10's for beams.Went quite well,its the original CROOKED house.Must have got up three times to put the level on the posts.

Fleet Mini Reunion Sunday 5 June 2016

Table 1' left to right, Linda, Norma, John, Carol

Table 1, Richard, Phil, Andy, Bill, Frances from with back to camera

The 47ers, John MacFarlen, Heather Mettyear (King) in the middle and Peter Mettyear right, 

Left to right, Carol, Gez, Frances, Cas and Lyndsey

Before we started

Caption below

the raffle.... Thank you Norma and Carol for organising, a great day :)