Saturday, June 30, 2012

Part of the Jubilee I take it....

Sherry:   Have just come in from the dentist where I had a crown put on.
Terry :    Part of the Jubilee I take it...

                                                              The Queen and I
                                                           Islamabad, Pakistan 
                                                                June 2012

Taken from my Grandfather's Album

They are very faded but those who may have been to Hong Kong may recognise the view.....

Not sure if this will work but it should be the link that tells all bloggers the Olympic torch route near me on the 13th July.... we have someone carrying it through our village!


Ooo'er Mr P

Rosa Klebb

Played by Lotte Lenya

Klebb defected from SMERSH to join SPECTRE as their number 3. She entices Bond into a trap by using a LEKTOR decoder and beautiful Russian cypher clerk as a bait. She possesses the infamous poison-tipped shoes that Bond has to avoid in a fight scene in the film.

I know you boys like submarines

Crew before setting off on 8 month tour... my son Paul is on there somewhere ..

emergency services...

...75 years old this day!...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wardair ?

happy birthday... the Humber Bridge...31 years old this day!...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Remember these?

Hey up Paul, sure you remember these special buses.

One for our Beverley man

Dodging the rain at Beverley Folk Festival

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Olympic flame reaches 'Ull

The Olympic flame change over outside the gates of West Park )Monday 18th June) Hey up Paul.

Brian Wilson is 70 today

Happy Birthday Brian Wilson, went to share a You Tube clip and says embedding disabled?  It was 'Help me Rhonda' and full of memories - 1965.

Curse that Google Chrome think it is them trying to control everything :(

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

Green and Gold is on its way ...

This might explain things if you see large kangaroo flags appearing around London when the games start.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

On the road in rural Pakistan

While we are on a roll with pictures of India and Pakistan here are a few more of my recent field trip to Hyderabad, Sindh.  Was checking out a Govt of Canada funded road maintenance project for women
( when our car got stuck....

                                         10am in the morning and 41 degrees already.

Lots of generals, not enough soldiers...

                                         Police escort keep an eye of foreign visitors...

                                        On our way again 

Mural on the wall in the DCO`s office.  This is Bhutto Land, with the three generations shown here

Award ceremony for the women.

The women are illiterate  but know their numbers are are now using mobile phones for banking their savings. After 24 months of road maintenance work with training, they have a nest egg saved to start a home based business

                          This one is for Lofty and other truck art lovers. The eyes watched from the truck ahead..

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My grandfather was a sportsman

I have recently learnt that my Grandfather was a good footballer and was asked to join Arsenal, he decided an Army Career was better.  Top one is: 98th Field Battery Royal Artillary, winners of the Karachi Football Cup 1930-31, my grandfather is centre front.
Bottom photo has the title on it.  My grandfather is third from the left.

India early 1930s

The notes attached to top photo was: BI mailboat en route to Bombay from Karachi, early 1930s.
Second photo you can read The Airmail saves Time
Third photo is the hangar built to house the ill fated R101 airship, I have photos of it in bits after the earthquake.
The fourth photo is a family picnic near the caves in Manora India - that is my mum with her brothers and parents.  When I was thinking of the year I realised that as there is no baby here it could have been after baby Arnold died which would make my mum nearly 3 years old.

Amy Johnson stops off in India

Amy Johnson May 1930 in Karachi India with the RAF working on her plane.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

the day is here...

...and it's a very special day too...

Muchas gracias (whatever that means)

Hi All and many thanks for your birthday wishes. Been beneath the radar for a while trying to get pensions and whatever sorted for retirement (which begins today). Seldom have I been beset by so much ineptitude. We're apparently served now by people who can manipulate computers and fill in spreadsheets but have no concept of what they're filling the documents with or its purpose - just as long as the boxes are filled with something. In trying to get money from UK to here, I've even had one institution send a (not inconsiderable) sum to a bank which doesn't exist! God alone knows who dreamed that one up, leave alone how or why. I've another bunch who chose to ignore my request for a wire transfer and mail a cheque - to an address which we are about to vacate without a bloody forwarding address if we don't get the money. The perpetrator of that little gem then promptly got herself PROMOTED (must be some connection between her job and meteorology? Pork up every day and still get paid?). Classic catch-22. The new incumbent has yet to get her desk drawers sorted, leave alone the knot in the ones covering her body! Anyway, common sense WILL prevail, idiots notwithstanding. I hope the idiots do a better job of educating those who will serve them in retirement that we have apparently managed! Thanks again for your good wishes.


Many thanks for best wishes! For some reason I am unable to post any comments on the blog!

@>S~I’g computers!

Photos from U.S.Air Force 1945

To all our history buffs!

Bombing raid on Wilhelmshaven 1945


Why have SPELLCHECK ?????

Maybe Mother Nature needs to upgrade to IE9

hope this works...

...just by way of a tester...

Karachi then and now

A number of PRS 'ites have India/Pakistan Army connections including Sue (Burroughs) who shared this picture taken in 1930 by her Grand Father Samuel Lelliott.  This past week I was in Karachi for the first time and hopped out of the car to take a picture at the same spot, 92 years later.  No time to go inside unfortunately but the building , the Roman Catholic Cathedral, seemed little changed from the outside, except for a a few more mature trees.

I have been trying to track down the burial place of Sue's Uncle who died in Baluchistan as an infant in the early 1930's. This was before the severe earthquake which hit Quetta in 1935 of which her Mother has vivid memories.  Sue can tell us more- she is enjoying working on that part of her family history at the moment and has some wonderful photographs of colonial India.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

couple more photos

 The table plan -

 Liz Fairminer and the lovely Julian and his lovely brother Sandy - sorry Steve

The even more lovely Cas

 Can't remember what the joke was - but it was good one... Norma Kelly's husband John

And the gorgeous Alex - rushing so fast he was just a blur... can almost make out the Help for Heroes badge he was wearing.