Wednesday, February 29, 2012

David Thomas "Davy" Jones...

...30th December 1945 – 29th February 2012...

Got my Back Pack, Egg Salad Sandwiches and a Pop

First train ride in 50 years starts monday AM

Monday, February 27, 2012

The one and only Tom

Hymns and Arias

We paid our weekly shilling for that January trip:
A long weekend in London, aye, without a bit of kip.
There's a seat reserved for beer by the boys from Abercarn:
There's beer, pontoon, crisps and fags and a croakin 'Calon Lan'.
And we were singing hymns and arias,
'Land of my Fathers', 'Ar hyd y nos'.
Into Paddington we did roll with an empty crate of ale.
Will had lost at cards and now his Western Mail's for sale.
But Will is very happy though his money all has gone:
He swapped five photos of his wife for one of Barry John.
And we were singing hymns and arias,
'Land of my Fathers', 'Ar hyd y nos'.
We got to Twickers early and were jostled in the crowd;
Planted leeks and dragons, looked for toilets all around.
So many there we couldn't budge -twisted legs and pale:
I'm ashamed we used a bottle that once held bitter ale.
And we were singing hymns and arias,
'Land of my Fathers', 'Ar hyd y nos'.
Wales defeated England in a fast and open game.
We sang 'Cwm Rhondda' and 'Delilah',
damn, they sounded both the same.
We sympathised with an Englishman
whose team was doomed to fail
So we gave him that old bottle, that once held bitter ale!
He started singing hymns and arias,
'Land of my Fathers', 'Ar hyd y nos'.
So it's down to Soho for the night,
to the girls with the shiny beads;
To the funny men with lipstick on,
with evil minds and deeds.
One said to Will from a doorway dark,
damn, she didn't have much on.
But Will knew what she wanted,
aye...his photo of Barry John!
'Cos she was singing hymns and arias,
'Land of my Fathers', 'Ar hyd y nos'.

How coincidental is this ?

Today a VIA train derailed near Burlington, ON Killing three crew members and injuring passengers . 70 were on board coming from Niagara Falls. This shortly after I featured VIA and holding a ticket for Thursday. ....

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lofty's truck art is launched.....

Love the Canadian and Pakistani flags.
Pakistan's best truck art work..
The owner of the shop, now retired, and son Mahmud (holding the plaque) who actually did the painting

Welcome to Rawalpindi Painters !

Not to worry about customs, Bill, I will mail it to you when I travel to Canada in July. More later.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, February 24, 2012's the way he tells 'em!... celebration of his career, here are some of Frank Carson’s greatest one-liners...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The best video

Wish I had had this video clip when I worked with 14 to 19 year olds at social services while helping and supporting same.

Another hole plugged in my "Bucket List"

I was going to drive to London.On. I can take the train from the 'village'of Washago. (10 min.N.) The trip from there to Toronto is via the Trans Continental "Canadian" a trip I have always wanted to do, hopefully I can go up in a dome car for my CAD 48.00 fare? (Gas for car $110.00 ) PS. Sparrow Lake is linked into my boating scenario. I overnighted there last Summer. PPS Turn up the sound for what must be a unique blend of sounds of Canada

Random pictures from your Pakistan Correspondant

Young men practicing cricket everywhere..
Typical truck or jingle art.
In Nathiagali near Muree. The guide got friendly when we posed.
Street food seller had a shy smile.
Ice-cream sign in a salt mine- not quiet the NAAFI !
Kids everywhere, and always happy to have their pictures taken.
800 year old fort at Ketwas has been renovated but there are few tourists. Too bad,

Inside at the world's second largest salt mine. Entered on an electic train and then a km walk underground. It was really interesting.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's not unigue to ladies' loos!

Here in the USA a ration of legislative nonsense means that we men have to contend with ordinances requiring at least one urinal in the men’s loo be set low enough to accommodate legless midgets! Not that I have anything against legless midgets, you understand but, if there is only one urinal in there ............. well, you get the picture. It seems some silly bugger in one legislative forum or another wanted to make sure small boys wouldn't have to feel embarrassed or disadvantaged or have their self esteem compromised at not being able to either use or reach the urinal and, I’ve no doubt, legless midgets and people in wheelchairs were featured as potential beneficiaries of this legislation. TAKE A REALITY PILL FOR GOD'S SAKE! First of all, no self respecting, responsible parent is going to allow his or her small son into a public loo on his own. Secondly, by the time boys are capable of fishing out their own tackle, they are big enough to use a regular urinal. Third, it is far easier to assist a child trying to fish out his tackle in a sit-upon cubicle - there's more room than the divisions between urinals typically allow – not to mention privacy. Next, most small boys are just as likely to visit the loo with their mothers and, guess what, there are no urinals in the ladies loo! Finally, how many homes have urinals? MOST SMALL BOYS ARE USED TO PEEING IN SIT-UPONS! And there I was, thinking that democracy was all about meeting the needs of the majority. Silly me! I don’t for one moment suggest that observing such things is a major pastime of mine but, in all the years I've been using public toilets, I've never once seen a person try to use a urinal from the confines of a wheelchair. How in Hell would he do it? He'd piddle all over the place, all over the wheelchair and all over himself unless he was exceptionally well endowed – or was supremely dexterous and carried a handy, flexible penis extender. Come to think of it, I’ve never actually seen a legless midget in a public loo, either. Are there actually that many small boys with such low lavatorial self esteem and will lower loos really fix this problem or are we, in fact, massaging their fathers’ egos and shortcomings here? The 'splash back' from a urinal set near the floor is entirely too unpleasant! Back when urinals were elaborate porcelain things to protect the wall and provide a drain channel in the floor, there was an anti-splash plate set to contain splashing. Now, if you're breaking your neck and the only available facility is a ‘low boy’ that leaves you emulating Victoria Falls, you do so in the certain knowledge you're going to splash your pants, your shoes and the surrounding floor – and there’s NOTHING you can do to prevent it. Another fine example of how our politicians serve us! Of course, we share with the ladies the 'no toilet paper' syndrome, the taps that don't work, the failed blow-dryers and the empty paper towel dispensers. In fact, to compliment these pleasures, we men also now have another new innovation ………the self-flushing urinal! How distressing it is to be standing there - even at a normally set ‘high boy’, feeling sorry for the poor sod trying to keep his pants and feet well back from the adjacent 'near the floor' number - when, for no apparent reason, your urinal starts piddling back at you - with force. Of course, the drain is almost always filled with cigarette ends, chewing gum and God knows what else and the level of water is racing up to meet you at an insane rate. Can you finish before it overflows? Is there any way to stop it? How will you explain the tide mark around the bottom of your trouser-legs and the squelching noise your shoes make? Doubtless for the better endowed among us the lowered facility is a welcome feature – unless, of course, the water is particularly cold! Me? On balance I'd rather pee behind a tree!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

it's not fair!...

...I simply adore whips!...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Collingwood Girl is in the stand

This is what it looked like couple of hours ago...


I'd forgotten about this early Summer 2011 pic.. I was locking through when this family of ducks (about 15 ducklings) swam in through the closing gate, waited for the level to drop about 20 feet and, sedately swam out the other end, as soon as the opposite gate began to open. I asked if this was a chance happening and was told. "No they go back and forth a minimum of three times a day"... ! Grass greener on the other side of the lock?..
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Reminds me of this ad

This ad came out few years ago just after I started Yoga - and I will admit - I thought - how hard can it be?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Kurbanguly Berdymukhamedov

That's the name of the present president of Turkmenistan - and, given the rather repressive nature of this former Soviet state probably the winner of the presidential election due to take place. Fancy living with a handle like that! What is Berdmukhamadeov, I ask? Doubtless the thriving flocks of pooping geese around here can tell me. By the way, they did get my car. Jen tells me it's because it's a shitty colour.........

One Liners

I thought you might get a chuckle out of the top two one-liners (from the Telewag yesterday) - that's a site for sore eyes. and I was playing chess with a friend. He said, "Why don't we make this more interesting?". So, we stopped playing chess.

Oh No! Not the dreaded Human Rights At again!

Bideford Town Council prayers ruled unlawful

A Devon town council acted unlawfully by allowing prayers to be said before meetings, the High Court has ruled. Action was brought against Bideford Town Council by the National Secular Society (NSS) after atheist councillor Clive Bone complained. Mr Justice Ouseley ruled the prayers were not lawful under section 111 of the Local Government Act 1972. The judgement was being seen as a test case which could affect local councils across England and Wales. The NSS, which said prayers had no place in "a secular environment concerned with civic business", argued the "inappropriate" ritual breached articles 9 and 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which protect an individual's right to freedom of conscience and not to face discrimination.

Week-End Sport

Good luck tomorrow to Liverpool, they will need it!

Come on the boyos on Sunday!


Thursday, February 09, 2012

Thank you Jim it works

Mayhem as I unpacked....

My very first shot... sunny here :)

A parcel has just arrived from Jim

Thank you Jim, the postman has just bought me a package with the words Camera on it... about to open and will post a photo soon, thank you, thank you and thank you x Will be in touch by email :)

A couple of birds

Back in the summer with a Golden Eagle and a Harris Hawk. The eagle was age 8 and the hawk was 14 months

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

And now, a little night scoping

Taken as I left the house with Mmle. Mutt at some ungodly hour today. These are taken with my Blackberry and they are what they are, I'm afraid Babs - like yesterdays, low resolution. They won't expand to anything you could discern detail on. Must remember to take my camera with me..........bloody memory again!!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

They're back!

The reason for my early morning perambulations, Izzy.
Sun emerging over the romantically named Lake Smith. (wonder which one that was named after?)
A little higher - still no sign of Smith, though.
The pond in our sub-division (estate to you). The poopers are back! Either heading out or heading back, Canada geese.
We're wee fountain - wi' t' poopers in attendance.
The buggers will be heading for my car next!!!

remembering Charles...

...Charles John Huffam Dickens...who would have been two hundred years old this day...

Friday, February 03, 2012

Making it interesting...

For all those who can't wait for the work week to end, here's a heads up (no pun intended)

It's grim up North

Thursday, February 02, 2012

it's 'ere!...

Talking of amusing names

Come on you Suvvern sorts! Where is it?

What’s going on!

Have a few days away and come back to Black and White Squirrels with Blue Balls!

Raining here but not THAT cold!

Watch out for new virus!