Thursday, September 30, 2010

Potted plants and fall crocii(!)

These all summer flowering begonias really have been just that. Continuous flowers from the end of June and still full of blooms.
These are Fall Crocus, the leaves appear in the spring then die off, and they bloom in the fall, with no leaves. The rain bashed them about a bit, but as they were only planted 4 weeks ago they have done very well. Next year should see them spread more.

A friend of mine sold her house at the end of August and moved into an apartment, and gave me some of her bulbs. Even she couldnt believe how well they grew.

'Tis the pumpkin season, Charlie Brown..

This little farm market is just outside Charlottetown, and I took these pics last Sunday afternoon as we were heading into the city. Being Sunday it was closed, but all the things you see were for sale using the honour system. Leave your money in the tin provided. And for the most part it works.

Very few farm gate sellers get stiffed. Not bad for this day and age!

And there it was...

Some of the maple tree species here have a leaf disease, starts with Black Tar Spot and progresses to leaves curling up and falling off the tree. This is what happened to our Red Maple in front of the house, and then Hurricane Earl came along and blew a lot of leaves off leaving this wasps nest revealed. We had no idea it was there, and yes it is still inhabited, and quite sizable. Once the cold frosty nights set in, the inhabitants will die off. We hope.

RIP Bernard Schwartz

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spotted in todays Telewag on line


One in 10 Scottish boys are morbidly obese


What is wrong with this sentence? Why is it passing editorial muster in the Telewag?

One for John & Squirrel

A curiosity spotted in Germany last year. If you enlarge the shot you'll see it bears the number U-96 . The real U-96 was sunk in Wilhelmshaven on 30.3.45. Which flotilla had the swordfish as it's insignia ? Any guesses where I saw this?

...and there's more!...

...Seahouses harbour... ...Craster harbour...
...'Hogwarts'...aka Alnwick Castle...
...does this remind you of some other place closer to home, Paul?...
...a city of bridges...Newcastle-upon-Tyne...
...The Millenium Bridge...aka the 'Blinking Eye' bridge on account of the fact that it tilts forward to allow fer shipping and resembles the closing of an eyelid...the darker part is the cyclist/pedestrian walkway...NB. I understand this happens twice daily whether there be shipping or no, fer the benefit of onlooking tourists!...
...Steel Rigg and Hadrian's Wall...
...the fourth member of our little 'mini-reunion' was Eric Greaves, (Drake '63-'69 and brother of Sherry), seen here speaking, via videocall, with his erstwhile 'roomie', Terry, neither of whom have either seen or heard the voice of the other for over 40 years!...

Monday, September 27, 2010

okay, here we go...

...trouble is that Terry took many wonderful photographs over this weekend: indeed 'tis so very difficult to is a flavour...starting with...a trip over the causeway to Lindesfarne/Holy where have we seen such a similar crossing afore eh? :))...Bamburgh Castle in the distance... ...Lindesfarne Castle..., Stuart, (my spouse), and Sherry Greaves, (Drake '64-'68)...
...our Terry, (Drake '66-'69 and official photographer!), me, Sherry...
...not forgetting the sheep element! :)) ...Lindesfarne Priory......Bamburgh Castle... ...the Farne Islands...
...practice dancing fer the next reunion! :)

PRSites in Newcastle

With Sherry and Helga on Sunday amongst some icons of Newcastle. I'll leave Helga to post some others, but we had a ball. I'm off to Germany for a week, starting with Wilhelmshaven

Friday, September 24, 2010

Terry has got the big guns out! :)) this space!...

Friday funny

Have a good weekend everyone. Dare you not to smile at this clip.

One for the steam lovers

Paul, you will know where this station is.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

speaking of trains...

The Turret This is a link to enter a competition to name a new complex at Silverstone racetrack. It is open to UK residents only. I would like to submit the name 'The Turret' as the complex used to be a Wellington Bomber Station during the war. From the turret you can see all about you and can control movements and etc. If someone would care to pick up the ball on this they may do so. (My Dad was a rear gunner in a Wimpey and this would add to the flavour) Cheers. Bill PS. If we win we may have a re-union at the place :-)

They don't make shows like this any more

Sunday, September 19, 2010

You have to wait for the evening

.. to see how splendid the day has been (Will Rogers) I was on my way to an 'end of season' trip to Barrie.ON. when the connection between my motor and the prop parted!.. Thank goodness for 'OZZIES' Without a moments hesitaion Bob came out and towed me the 3 hours back to home

1954 standard 8

Found this for Helga by googling. you can see the spare wheel compartment at the rear. It was murder trying to get anything large into the boot! Brings back a few memories for me. I ran it for two years when I lived in Blackpool in the mid sixties.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just passing through

I leave the land of Oz in a few days for my excellent adventure in Europe. I've made room for a day in Wilhelmshaven, just for a convenient refresh on what's left.

I get to stay at the Columbia Hotel, just outside the main gate. I bet it rains.