Sunday, September 30, 2007


with thanks to Bob and Paul for the inspiration.

Ma is the short one,she is older than me.

English Pride

I just wanted to share something with you all. I have just been watching the Great North Run on the television, hoping to catch a glimpse of my daughter running it for the first time - no luck there, but there was something that really made me think - last week I was adding my thoughts to the blog about the state of things in England and why so many people choose to live abroad, and how the pride has gone out of the country. Well today may I say that I felt so humbled by so many people with disabilities running 13 miles to raise monies for people worse off than themselves , the wonderful way the race was organised and the fantastic atmosphere, so many happy smiling faces - now that makes me proud to be English!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


what shall i put on this year ?????

Monday, September 24, 2007

Women’s tennis taken to a new level II

Madre Mia! It says in the paper that the Russian has arrived. Last time he was here General Franco was in power, I think I’d better crack out my new knitted cossy.

Thinks: We girls are all at sea about the news. The Russian may well be the Special One, but he’ll never be able to dive like Ronaldo.

All I can say is, I hope he gets more pulls than I’ve had today.

Arcelia: ‘I hear the Russian is back!’
Adelina: ‘The way I hear it, somebody compared him to Donny Osmond.’
Carmen: How dreadful for him. Well! He’s come to the right place if he wants to recover his machismo. After all, we invented the word.
Arcelia: It’s simple! All he has to do is eat more garlic, stand back from his razor a bit more, develop some nice sweat rings under his armpits and learn to speed through towns and that should do it. Perhaps a little bullfighting would help.
Adelina: ‘The way I hear it, he’s full of bull as it is!’

What Dmitri needs is one of my nice Spanish omelettes, zat vil put ‘air on iz chest.

Carole: ‘From what from my friend Tracy in Chigwell tells me, he can restring my racquet any day.’
Linda: ‘In that case I’ll be looking out for his car keys at the party tonight.’
Fiona: ‘Is that what they mean by the drive of your life?’

‘It’s so exciting! He could be around the next corner. Who will be the first to spot him?’

‘If I wait here long enough he’s bound to come by. They say he’s so virile and handsome. I hope I spot him first. I can’t wait to see his backhand.’

Conchita: ‘Isn’t it so exciting that the Russian is here. I hear his serve is awesome’
Evita: ‘I’d be happy to go down to him in straight sets. Even with new balls.’

Conchita: ‘Ooh ! Don’t look now, but I think he’s standing behind me.’
Evita: ‘What makes you say that?’
Conchita: ‘There’s something sticking in me.’
Evita: ‘Perhaps it’s a gun!’
Conchita: ‘No! Silly! I think he’s just pleased to see me.’

Thinks: This is so disappointing. I must get this text off to the girls quickly!
‘Girls I’ve some bad news! I’ve just spotted him. You’ll never guess where……..’

…….. I guess we’re thirty years too late. I wonder why he has something about Drake written on his bowls………..

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Women's tennis taken to a new level

And another

Out for lunch with the girls

Noelle,Eileen, and Joan Thurston,ex Collingwood early to mid 50's

A day out with an ex Collingwood'ite

...and another one in my excitement of posting again on the Blog , I forgot to mention that during our long chat I found out that Sue (who I didn't know at PRS) actually went to school with my sister in Malaysia - what a small world!!!!! Babs - how am I doing? - you are a great teacher!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cyprus calling

Hello everyone, just a quck report from sunny Cyprus to let you know that we had a reunion of three at Paphian Sun Holiday Village near Paphos where Carol and Sue are staying on holiday - what's more COLLINGWOOD GIRLS name was bandied all over the place as we won the quiz!!!!! Not the best photo in the world, but thought I would share it with you all.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Misswing persons

So.....does ANYONE know what has happened to Alan?

A little blog teaser

Something to stretch the old gray cells:

There once was a fellow from Salisbury,
Whose morals were halisbury-scalisbury,
He wondered through Hampshire
Without any Pampshire
'Till the Bishop told him to Walisbury.

Now, if you remember the Roman name for Salisbury and you abbreviate Hampshire, you should be able to crack the code.

First prize - a week's vacation in Harare, Zimbabwe (that used to be Salisbury, too).
Second prize - two week's vacation in Harare.
Third prize - three week's vacation in Harare AND dinner with Robert Mugabe.

You may remember that there were several contenders for Head Honcho of Rhodesia - Mugabe (who eventually won through and has managed almost single handedly to create a political, social and financial disaster zone out of a beautiful country with a thriving economy in less than a generation), Dr. Canan Banana (the new republic's first president - who apparently had a predilection for palace guards' bottoms), The Rev. Ndabaningi Sithole (Who, along with Mugabe, founded ZANU - the Zimbabwe African Nationalist Union which Mugabe still heads - and who was convicted of plotting to murder Ian Smith), Joshua Nkomo (a commie bastard who founded ZAPU - yada yada Peoples yada , the political wing of which shot down civilian aircraft to make its point. When you think about it, what chance did a bloke with a name like Ian smith have? And, that's before you add the Harold Wilson factor!

All of this was prompted by a BBC World news item today (yes, we can get that here in USA) reporting that the Zimbabwean economy 'is on the point of collapse' - a condition it has surely been in for the last few years and which is periodically averted when Mugabe personally intervenes. He recently ordered shopkeepers 'to cut their prices by half' and then had a few thousand people - shopkeepers included - severely beaten up and/or bumped off in public by his thug force to massage the support of shopkeepers. He does wear nice suits, though and, despite his advanced age, manages to look fit and well nourished!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

British Invasion 2007

Sunday, Sunday.... Thought I would take advantage of the weekend quiet of the Blog to post this. We went to this show on Friday night, it was really fanbloomingtastic! The talent was incredible, the music and dancing were excellent. To me, this was a world class show, all in little old Charlottetown - and boy did it bring back some memories. I wish I had some more pics to post, but cameras weren't allowed inside and there were none on sale. The music ranged from Cliff Richard, through the Mersey beat and on into Woodstock and beyond. They ended with We will Rock You and We are the Champions. Could it have been anything less?! It was a two and half hour show, and I didnt want it to end. Great night.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Please let it work!!!!!

Oh my God - I think I've done it!!!!!! A photo of my beautiful daughter Tree on her 43rd birthday, while we were with her in Oz!!

Barathea's handbags

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Will this do Barathea?

For all of you men who are aspiring to be like Jack.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Gamston Crew again

Yet another pleasant afternoon spent at the Bridge at Gamston - telling tales of folk getting stuck in lift doors at Kaiser at the Memorial do and poor old Marg's travel sickness ..

Marg Garford (nee Ireson) Helen Moore (nee Coulson) our very own Eileen , Joan Kitching (nee Thurston) and special guest appearance by Andy Renou
The lovely Jack Newby with Lois and Bernie

Lois Hammond and Bernie with Janice Amos (nee Farmer) and Barrie Paice

There were some others there - and I am sure Eileen has the photos... we even now have a small rival group from Plön coming to join in the fun...

Salisbury Cathedral

Sorry, the photos aren't top notch, but did my best.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Wilhelmshavener Zeitung - read all about it

Hot off the press.... well luke warm at least - bits from the local press about our Memorial visit.. could have a weekend quiz - where have you seen that banner before? And which Blogger sewed it with her own fair hands ? I am sure it is too easy - but let's see ..

Friday, September 07, 2007


I thought you might be interested in a little snippet printed in the Legion Magazine (Canadian edition) for Sep/Oct. As follows :-
Sept 4, 1939:- Pilot Officer S.R. Henderson, a Canadian serving in No. 206 Squadron, Royal Air Force, becomes the first Canadian to participate in an operation sortie during World War II when he serves as the lead navigator in a bomber force attacking German warships at Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

I have no photo to head this up, unfortunately.

also Gremlins...

...I fully sympathise with ya, Paul, 'though my problem is that I'm being sent out of the room after spending only a mere short while online...Some say it's me ISP, some say it's the children doing a last minute dash with their homework afore going back to school and thus clogging the system, some say it's rogue chinese hackers, some say it's simply old age...oh and I need to replace me aging little box of tricks too!...But hey, just managed to get back on line and I can access the Blog okay! :) Hope you get your gremlins sorted soon...Fer mine own part, it's cyberheaven fer m'PC and a replacement after the guy wot 'knows all about such things' returns from his holiday!...Fascinating pictures of our erstwhile stomping ground yet so very sad at the same time to see such decay. As soon as I clapped m'peepers on the graffiti my sudden reaction was, Miss Tebbs would be furious about that!...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Memorial

Here it is, PRS the Memorial, courtesy of Peter Porikis, whose father was a civilian driver at PRS until 1972.

Peter has a mass of photos of the site as it is now and from the memorial event of earlier this week on his flickr site at:
There is also a link to Peter's site on the TWA web site.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cherchez la femme.

When my better half said she was going to take me away for the week I thought we might be off to Kazakhstan. With the damp weather, my cousin’s yaks have been having trouble with fungal hoof infections and I thought we might be going over to lend a hand. So when I found myself in France I was both surprised and delighted. Twelve years ago, my son declared France boring and sadly we haven’t been there since. But now he’s big enough and ugly enough to look after himself, it seems that once again we adults can indulge ourselves. One reason for my wife wishing to visit France is as ever the food, with the primary target of consuming anything that made a quacking noise in a five-mile radius – but more of that later.

Food with a kaleidoscopic variety of colours, fragrances and textures long lost in supermarket dominated Britain.

Tomatoes that taste and smell of tomatoes. Not the flavourless garbage, hot-house reared in some Dutch processing plant.

A bewildering variety of cheeses.

Pate en croute and sausicon!

Real bread with texture and taste.

Fruit that doesn’t rot within twenty-four hours of purchase. I’m sure we all know that British supermarkets frequently sell fruit that is one or two years old. It’s stored under carbon dioxide. This way they can stockpile fruit when there’s a good year. Of course, when it’s brought out for sale its natural deterioration is accelerated. That’s why it is usually rotten the day after purchase.

Strawberries with flavour. Not those gross, Spanish flavourless repositories for water.

Oops!!!! I nearly forgot the wine.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Too much monkey business – a sad story of age discrimination.

Thinks: Sacre Bleu! It can’t be true what it says in Le Journal. I’d better fix my lipstick.

‘Delphine! 'Ave you erd. Ze Russian iz back!’

‘After forty years! C’est impossible. I thought ‘e died in Wigan. Not ‘im who went out wiz whatserface who went to ze Sorbonne and became a famous surgeon. Surely it can’t be true what zay say?’

‘C’est vrai. Il est encroyable!’

‘Don’t worry Colette I’ll ‘ave something in 'iz size.’

‘Zis iz bad news Gaston. It will only make ‘er in doors restless again. You better let me have something for le weekend.’

‘Zut alors! Now take my wife. Now zat’s an interesting thought. ‘E can take my wife anytime.’

‘If ‘e comes near my wife I know what I’ll do. Az soon as az I sort out ‘ow zis Swiss gadget works.’

‘Mother I ‘ave told you not to go out. C’est très dangereux! Ze man is a beast. I shall ‘ave to lock you up!’

‘Bah! No one iz locking me up. I missed out last time round.’

‘I don’t zinc ‘e iz my type darlings.’

‘I ‘ear he is a handsome Russian prince.’

Thinks: Perhaps ‘e will kiss me and spirit me away from the relentless grind of life.

‘But mistress everyone says what a good grind you are.’

‘Quickly you stupid monkey, put zome nice music on for ‘im.’

‘Perhaps ‘Les Roses Blanches’ az zay say ‘e ‘as Yorkshire connections. Just make sure zere are no foreigners about called Herman Hollerith, ‘az zey might pinch my idea and start a company called Big Bleu or something.’

‘I ‘ave bad new my little grenouille. Zey say the years ‘ave not been good to your Russian Prince. Zey say ‘e iz now old, bald and fat!’

‘Quel dommage! In zat case I shall have to go back to kissing the monkey.’